night-time shooting workshop


night-time shooting workshop 

Many of my most popular pictures at the gallery are taken at dusk or night time. This workshop will teach you all you need to know about shooting in low light, then later in the dark. We will also cover techniques for getting impressive shots of stars.

The aim of this evening is to set you up to take great night pictures. We will choose the location depending on the weather. If it’s cloudy we can do the dusk light on the beaches, or head to the ‘bright lights’ of Hastings, or the wet cobbles of Rye. If it’s clear we will shoot the stars. Though the workshops are arranged for moonless nights, I will talk about the challenges of shooting the moon well and tips on how to expose correctly in all low light situations.

There is no such thing as bad light and this is particularly true at night! I always find something worth shooting in the dark.

The workshop consists of shooting at several locations, a quick on-the-hoof evening meal (chips or the like) and tea and coffee later on.

There is a short RAW processing section of the day back at the gallery. This is different from my usual intermediate workshops, it is not a full run through of RAW processing, but a short demo of how to get the best from night pictures.

night shooting workshop days for up to 6 people, £130 per person


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£130 for the evening including all transport, tea coffee and a quick evening meal. The workshop days are limited to a maximum of 6 people. The workshop runs from 4 pm to 11.30 pm.


To book please email or ring the gallery - full payment with the booking needed, and please read the cancellation policy

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